Why Are Your Picks Free?

We don’t want this to sound pretentious, but the honest answer is that we don’t need the money. We make a LOT of money from betting on football every season, and by charging a subscription for our picks, the extra money we made would not really make much difference to us. Add in the hassle of offering customer support, managing subscription and payments, and we decided it simply wasn’t worth our while. So instead, we give you the picks for nothing as a kind of a hobby. Because we’re nice like that!

How Does Your System Work?

This is a value betting system. We have our own database and statistical methods, and we use these to calculate the true probability of various outcomes of a football match. We build in a minimum profit margin that we want to make, then search for instances where bookmakers are offering odds that give us that margin, or more. We will only bet when we have the value price or higher, if we didn’t do this the method would not work. So it is very important that you place the bets with the bookmaker we state, and at the odds we state. Otherwise you will not succeed.

Can I Place The Bets Using My Mobile

Yes you can. All of the bookies we use have free mobile betting apps, which are listed at MobileBettingSite.com. All of our selections are on common betting markets which can be easily accessed using the bookie’s apps.

Do I Have To Open Accounts With All The Bookmakers On Your List?

If you’re serious about succeeding then yes you do. There are only a selected few bookmakers that we use, and it only takes you 2 minutes to open an account with each one. Plus you get free bets. If you can’t spare a few minutes to set up these accounts then quite frankly, you don’t have time to do this at all, and you shouldn’t even start.

Your Tips Didn’t Win Today And I Lost Money. You Are Terrible And I Hate You

Yeah we get that a lot. But have you ever considered that the fault might lie with you? I mean, did you seriously expect that every bet was going to win? Even when we explained that this was a value betting system? If you did, then you’re an idiot and you deserve to lose.

Being a professional punter requires discipline and patience. If you don’t have these, if you expect to win every day, if you have temper tantrums when you lose, then the solution is very simple. Do not bet! The reality is that you will have winning runs and you will have losing runs. That’s the way probability works. That is why we have a betting bank.

Read the above carefully. If you still want to bet and make money over the long term, then we’d be delighted for you to follow our tips. If you can’t or won’t do what we advise, then go somewhere else. Hot Picks 1999 is for winners only! We have no time for losers, whingers or children. So do it properly, or don’t do it at all.

Where Can I Find Out More

That’s all we have to tell you about our service, however there are plenty more good sports betting sites out there which you can use to get more background information about the subject in general. We’ve listed some below.