Hot Picks offers FREE football predictions every week for the 2016/17 season. Picks will resume from September. In the meantime we are preparing our stats database for the new season.

The most recent results are below. Bets must be placed with the bookmaker specified and at the minimum odds specified. Do not accept lower odds.

Recent Bets

19/11/16Watford v LeicesterOver 2.5 Goals2.1Paddy PowerWin+1.1
10/3/15Liverpool v Man UtdLiverpool2.2Paddy PowerWin+1.2
9/3/15Chelsea v PSGChelsea2.85William HillLost-1.0
6/12/15Frosinone v ChievoFrosinone3.25BetfairLost-1.0
21/11/15Everton v Aston VillaEverton1.6BetfairWin+0.6

The above shows the most recent bets we have placed, along with odds, bookmaker used and result. Recent performance is just a snapshot which can be used for quick reference, and to see current bets (if any). Bets will be posted as soon as they are available, this may be several hours or days in advance, or sometimes immediately prior to kick off. Look at the Record page for the full betting record.

Odds And Bookmakers

In order for any betting strategy to work, the odds must be obtainable by everybody. The prices shown in our records were available to all customers of the bookmaker shown, at all times up to when the match kicked off.

Hot Picks does not rely on using only new customer offers from bookmakers in order to make a profit. This is not a sustainable long term strategy and unlike other football predictions sites, we quote bets at prices that can be obtained by everybody. Although we do recommend that you use free betsĀ if you do not have an account with a specific bookmaker, such offers can normally only be used on a one time only basis, and therefore they cannot be used as the foundation for a long term betting strategy.

Our system is the result of a pure statistical study into soccer matches which gives value to the bettor. We use this to gain an advantage over the odds compilers in specific situations as determined by our algorithm.

All bets are placed with a small selection of recommended bookies. You will not be required to open accounts with any bookmaker that has not been reviewed and approved independently. We bet with trusted, big name firms where our money is safe.


Our results and profit/loss totals are shown using level stakes. We believe that this is the only true and correct way to show the results of any strategy. Whilst staking plans can be used to maximise profits in some instances, the mathematics of gambling show that it is an undeniable mathematical fact that if your strategy does not make profits to level stakes, it cannot have a long term positive expectancy no matter what staking plan you use.

Whilst you are free to adopt any staking plan you like, please do no lose sight of the above, and do not let anybody tell you any different. Never be tempted to use the Martingale system or anything similar. If you see somebody offering a service that does not make level stakes profits, walk away!

For more information about how our free picks service works, please see the FAQ.